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Referrals Who Show Up For Appointments!
Many chiropractic marketing methods, scripts, and systems make complexity of an essential simplicity: A referral from an ad, screening, talk or patient should show up in the office!
"This Is Ingenious..."

"I feel like I can do this now... this approach... makes sense and feels right"
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Unscripted Simplicity | Patients Who SHOW UP
The underlying factor of all chiropractic marketing, whether a screening, a talk or social or print media: Qualification. Correctly-qualified prospects accept offers and show for appointments. Here is a proven, low-cost, easy-to-implement system which not only applies to any form of promotion you choose, but goes hand-in-hand with any methods you use. Learn More.


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Turn social media, ads, mailings, chiropractic screenings and talks into interactive, engaging, interest-inflating activities and events that elevate interest and create follow-up and SHOW-UP by public and corporate patient potentials. Explore Marketing Tools and Coaching



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Clients' Success In Application and Practice
We get more docs claiming success in their first hour than at any other point in the program
" of the most transforming training sessions on screenings I have had to date.  Your few key insights have helped me not only modify my screening protocols for my communication style, but also discern the key things that I was doing WRONG..." Dr. A. G. - Chicago          More Stories

"By far, this program
taught me more in a just a
few sessions than any other marketing company has
in the past."

Dr. Frank Marghella, Nashville TN  USA

“We booked more new patients than ever before, and I didn't even do a single SEMG.”

Dr. E. C. - Cherry Hill, NJ 
Did you know ALL chiropractic marketing follows the rules of screenings?
Screening Experts was founded by Frank Sardella, a chiropractic patient who began spreading the chiropractic message immediately following a miraculous recovery. Having led to a career in the field, this experience forged the way to discovery of better, faster, more economical techniques to change the mindset of new and former patients, motivating them to arrive to clinics for service. This is known as "qualification" and, whether done in print or in-person, is basically a screening process. Using screening techniques, chiropractors have found success in all promotion with less effort and better result. Find Out More History.


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